What Are The Advantages Of IT Consulting In New York City?

Posted on: 19 July 2013

Rather than hiring your own IT staff you may want to consider simply getting IT consulting done for you periodically and when problems crop up. One of the best advantages of IT consulting in New York City is that you don't need to pay someone full-time to maintain your systems, you can get help from an IT consultant who will make your systems robust so that they only periodically need maintenance.
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Understanding The Main Features Of Managed Cloud Hosting

Posted on: 9 July 2013

You can call it managed cloud hosting or clustered hosting. It is the same thing. This is a recently developed technology where users are connected to several servers. The said servers are not within your premises. Someone has taken the pains to install them for you. The provider allows multiple users to make use of the same servers at varying bandwidths. Actually, you will not notice that someone else is using the same facility as you do.
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