Hanging On To Your Old Hard Drives? Why You Need To Use A Data Destruction Service

Posted on: 20 January 2020

If you own a business, and you utilize a document shredding service, you understand about security. Document shredding ensures that confidential documents don't make it into the wrong hand. However, even with the use of document shredding, confidential information could still find its way into the wrong hands, especially if you're not also utilizing a data destruction service. Your old hard drives contain vital information for you, your business practices, and your clients. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to invest in a data destruction solutions provider right away. 

You're Holding Onto Years of Secure Data

If you have a back office storage room that contains multiple old hard drives, you need to have them destroyed right away. They may seem like they're in a secure location, but one break-in could change all that. The best way to keep those files out of the wrong hands is to have the data destroyed once and for all. A data destruction service can provide that peace of mind for you. 

You're Worried About Regulatory Issues

If you're still holding on to old hard drives, and you haven't wiped the drives clean, you could be at risk for penalties and fines. There are multiple regulatory statutes that require you to handle client data in a secure fashion. Storing old hard drives, complete with all the vital information, might not meet those regulatory requirements. To help you maintain compliance, and protect your clients' privileged information, contact a data destruction service immediately. 

You're Spending Money on Storage

If you're spending money each month to store your old hard drives in a secure location, such as a storage facility, investing in a data destruction service will eliminate the need for that expense. A secure storage facility will provide you with the protection you need for your hard drives; however, you're still spending money that doesn't need to come out of your budget. Instead, invest in a data destruction service and avoid the expense of the storage unit. 

You're Concerned About Lawsuits

If your clients are asking about your security measures where their confidential information is concerned, you need to take their concerns seriously. If you suffer a data breach after they've raised concerns, you could open yourself up to lawsuits. You can avoid the lawsuits and ease your client's worries by ensuring that you're practicing effective data destruction methods, such as using a professional service.