Setting Up Your Security System With The Right Cameras For Surveillance Features

Posted on: 3 November 2020

When you want to have the right type of cameras for your security system, there are a few factors that you need to take into account. The cameras that you choose to use for your home may include analog and digital cameras for different features. So, what type of cameras are you going to add surveillance features to your security system?

Analog cameras and where to use them

The analog cameras that are used with security systems are versatile solutions for existing and new security systems. You may be wondering, what are some of the advantages of analog cameras for your security system surveillance?

  • Lower costs for non-essential cameras
  • Easier to set up and add analog cameras to your system
  • Easy transmission across networks due to lower bandwidth requirements

Adding analog cameras to your security system improvements has many benefits. Therefore, you may want to consider using these types of cameras to design your surveillance system.

Digital cameras for HD quality security video

The quality of HD video has many benefits when you combine it with modern surveillance technology. Many types of HD cameras can be added to your surveillance systems. Some things to consider for the HD cameras that you add to the design of your security system include:

  • Wifi connectivity and POE(power over ethernet)
  • Options for PTZ controls for monitoring video feeds
  • Encryption solutions to keep video surveillance recordings secure

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when choosing HD cameras to add to your security system.

Choosing the best video quality for your security cameras

There are also a lot of options for video quality, which is much more than just the HD cameras you install. When it comes to the video quality of security cameras, some of the things that you want to consider include:

  • Digital HD systems provide the best HD video solutions
  • Use high-quality analog cameras with 720p capabilities
  • Use 4K or better cameras for modern security software (face recognition, license plate reader, etc.)

These are some of the video factors you want to consider for the design of surveillance systems you add to your security system.

Digital, analog, and hybrid recording systems for your surveillance

There are also benefits to using analog systems when it comes to the design of your surveillance system. Today, hybrid systems provide a solution to get the best of both worlds. These recording systems use analog and digital technology to provide you with the best surveillance solutions to add to your security system.  

When it comes to surveillance, the right type of cameras are important. Call a security camera service for professional help when adding surveillance to your security system.