Microsoft Cloud PBX Phone System Solution

Posted on: 20 August 2020

Making connections over the telephone is extremely important in today's business climate where in-office sales are staggering due to safety concerns. Phone systems can now be connected without the use of extremely expensive equipment that needed to be the same throughout all corporate and in-home offices. Here are a few ways to benefit from the Microsoft Cloud PBX phone system solution. 

Businesses of all sizes with reliable internet can benefit from Microsoft Cloud PBX solution. The benefits of PBX are now useable for all clients who have not purchased an expensive phone system. Microsoft Cloud PBX Phone System Solution is an alternative to traditional telephone systems in offices. Purchasing this expensive equipment is no longer a barrier to receiving the best in office communications options. PBX works with Office 365 and is a tested system created to perform for business needs. There are different plan options to meet the needs of businesses of any size and in all locations. The options for outbound or incoming telephone calls are extremely flexible based on how the professional is working. 

Connections are made through cell phones, laptops, voice over internet protocol landlines, desktop computers, and tablets. As long as a caller is on the line, it can be connected to any other device. Incoming calls can ring to more than one device. Conversations are not always easy to recall at a later time. There is a feature to have each call taken to be recorded. Knowing that phone calls are recorded allows the business to monitor the call where a dispute occurred or confirm if further action needs to be taken based on the conversation. Microsoft team allows for video calls to better connect with people when they are not in the office. This creates an environment for secure voice and video calls. 

Auto attendants have evolved to give the caller options before reaching a live person. Their call can be routed via their needs, which saves company time resources. Properly screening and routing calls is one way to save valuable time during working hours. Microsoft Cloud PBX phone system solution identifies if colleagues are available to take calls. Knowing the status of team members is helpful when routing incoming calls when the caller ID discloses who is calling.  

Several plans can be upgraded or downgraded due to business needs. Take time to upgrade business communication systems with Microsoft Cloud PBX phone system solution