Don't Launch Your New Software Without Test Data Management

Posted on: 22 July 2020

Software development is a surprisingly lucrative business. In fact, the software market revenue in 2020 is predicted to hit almost 200 billion dollars. But not all software makes people rich. In order to succeed, you need to produce reliable, modern, and efficient programs and build a loyal customer base. If you have struggled in the past with unforeseen problems arising after launch, there is a way to improve your product testing: working with a test data management service. These services provide test data that is better than real-world data or artificial data when it comes to testing software before launch. Here are a few reasons to consider using a test data management service.

Unproblematic Data

Although most companies openly collect user data from their programs, a lot of this data ends up being problematic. Customer information needs to remain completely private and secure, no matter how you use it in your company. Some data, including credit card and bank account information, is extremely sensitive. The last thing a growing software company needs is a data security scandal. Instead of making customer data more vulnerable, you could use completely safe test data from a test data management service. Your customers' data will be completely safe at all times, and your team can fully troubleshoot new software updates with high-quality data that mimics real-world data.

Reliable, Predictable Testing

Although real data may seem superior to test data in theory, this isn't true in practice. In order to make the best possible test data, a test data management service will extensively modify and obfuscate your company's actual data. This process will preserve your company's unique data formats so you can reliably test your specific software. With data that perfectly meets your needs, presents no security risks, and can be used for multiple software updates without modification, testing and troubleshooting your software can become a simple unsupervised routine for your employees.

Your Best Work Made Better

Test data management services exist for the same reason your software company exists: they do their specific job better than anyone else. Although you have reliable programmers on your team who could find ways to obfuscate data for you, they likely won't find the absolute best and most secure methods to do so. And they certainly won't do it as quickly as an established service will. With outside help, your employees can focus on what really matters: improving the software your company is known for.

To learn more about test data, contact a test data management service in your area.