A Few Things To Consider About Phone Screen Repairs

Posted on: 18 June 2020

For most people, a cellphone is critical to daily life. Most people invest extra money in keeping their phones safe with protective cases and screen covers. Unfortunately, it isn't always a guarantee that your phone's screen won't still get cracked. While screen covers help mitigate damage, sometimes a crack will still emerge if a phone drops just right on the ground. The good news is that there are some screen issues that can be repaired. If you've never had your screen repaired, there are a few things to consider regarding the options. 

Get Different Quotes for a Screen Repair

While the place that sold you the phone may offer repair services, it may be good to shop around for a quote. There are a lot of cellphone provider stores and repair stores that offer services for almost every kind of phone. Some people will even order a new screen online and take the part in for repair at a store to save money on parts. Getting several quotes will help you get the lowest repair price.

Check to See If You Have a Warranty

Some phones have certain warranty offers, and many of those provide screen protection. It's not uncommon for a cellphone user to purchase a warranty for only a few dollars extra a month and forget about it. Check with your provider to see if you have a warranty. If you have a warranty that covers screen damage, then you can usually get your phone replaced by the manufacturer or a retail store that is backed by the manufacturer. In some cases, there may be a small fee that you pay with your warranty coverage.

Compare the Cost of a New Screen with a New Phone

Whether or not you decide to get a new phone screen or a repair may depend on how much your screen costs to repair. While most professional replacement repairs are a lot less than a new phone, they could be more than what your phone is worth. If your phone is several years old, it may be better to get a new phone rather than a screen replacement. In most cases, a screen replacement will be the best option as far as cost is concerned. If your phone is in great condition other than a screen crack, for example, it's definitely worth the cost to just get the screen replaced.

When you consider how much you need your phone, knowing all of your options to get your screen fixed is important. A new screen can make even an older phone feel brand-new again. With a professional service, your screen will work and operate as well as your original did.

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