Business Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions Lock Out Ransomware Threats

Posted on: 30 April 2020

A cardinal rule of kidnapping is do not pay the ransom. If you pay the ransom, the extortionists will target you again and again. Despite this well-learned lesson, businesses are paying more ransom to cybercriminals stealing sensitive data. The average ransomware payment was $84,116 in Q4 2019, more than doubling from $41,198 in Q3. 

Cyber thieves know that companies place a high value on recovering stolen data. The reputational damage of data breaches could put a company out of business. Fortunately, more companies are recovering stolen data. But not all remediation techniques are secure or advisable. And some make companies more vulnerable to further attacks. 

Decryption Tools 

Paradoxically, data theft is becoming a reliable and trusted business service. After paying a ransomware request, cyber thieves have a 98 percent reliability rate in providing companies with a decryption tool that successfully decrypts and recovers the stolen data. 

The decryption route, however, leaves companies at high risk of further attacks. These attacks not only involve new data breaches. More extortion attempts are also possible on the same data. The extortionists could still retain access to the original data and attempt subsequent extortions. 

It's a vicious circle. Each time you pay ransomware, your risk of being targeted increases. And the more often you use decryption tools, the risk of them not working rises.

Business Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions 

More businesses are ensuring business continuity and data security by moving to the cloud. Business cloud disaster recovery services provide continuous data protection and disaster recovery solutions. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is becoming one of the cheapest ways to back up and, if required, replicate data. With this agile solution, you can set custom security and compliance standards by business groups, individual applications, and other parameters. 

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions 

Hybrid cloud solutions manage data across private networks and public clouds. They provide two copies of your production environment and data. Data can be replicated and encrypted on the private network and stored on offsite cloud back up locations. The cloud provider will take care of the implementation, management, and maintenance of both disaster recovery sites. In this way, a complete redundancy solution can be provided, minimizing downtime. With a properly configured and managed hybrid cloud for data security and recovery, you will never be locked out of your system.

Placing your business on the cloud is a cost savings frontier.  With your data safely secured, you can reduce ransomware incidents and payments. At the same time, scalability and operating cost savings from virtualization are realized.