Fees And Payment Options For ARIN Auctions

Posted on: 20 April 2020

IPv4 was the first version of the IP address and is the most widely used version. However, the newer IPv6 is a replacement to the IPv4, and IPv4 addresses are now in short supply. ARIN auction services are a great way to get a good deal on an IPv4 address. However, you might wonder about the ways that you can pay for an IPv4 address and the fee schedule. 

Fee Schedule

Your business will usually need to pay an initial fee that corresponds with the IPv4 service category. After the allocation of IPv4 addresses has been approved, you will receive an invoice for payment. You will then have to pay an annual fee on the anniversary of the month that your business received the initial allocation. You are often able to return some of the IP addresses if you no longer need them to reduce the annual fee. 

Payments Through Business Bank Accounts

Some payment systems allow you to pay for IPv4 addresses using a business bank account. You will want to use a system that allows you to make payments securely and without any additional fees. 


Some auction services come with financing options. You can receive IPv4 addresses with no money down and you may not have to make payments for several months. This allows your ISP to free up capital for other business purposes.

Wire Transfers

Many auction services will allow you to use a wire transfer. This allows you to transfer money very quickly. It is ideal for when you are doing business with a foreign auction service. This allows you to receive the IPv4 addresses sooner. 

Credit Card Payments

You can typically make a payment through a credit card. The advantage of using a business credit card is that you can use this to improve your business credit and it creates a record. However, you will also have to pay interest and there might be credit card processing fees.

Preferred Currencies

If you are making a purchase from a foreign auction service, you can make this payment by securing a preferred exchange rate so that you can make the payment in your own currency. A currency exchange will convert your currency into the currency that is used by the auction service. Regardless of the payment method you use, the auction service will allow you to purchase a block of IPv4s that will meet your business needs.