Understanding The Main Features Of Managed Cloud Hosting

Posted on: 9 July 2013

You can call it managed cloud hosting or clustered hosting. It is the same thing. This is a recently developed technology where users are connected to several servers. The said servers are not within your premises. Someone has taken the pains to install them for you. The provider allows multiple users to make use of the same servers at varying bandwidths. Actually, you will not notice that someone else is using the same facility as you do. Through this service, you can move your website and other data applications to the cloud. You will never experience poor network, overloads and crashes. Here are additional features of managed cloud hosting solutions: • The service provider, also known as host, uses several machines to keep your data. In case one of the machines goes down, you can still retrieve your data. • Cloud platforms are cost effective. You only pay for a service you have consumed. This is quite unlike traditional hosting, where you have to pay an annual fee irrespective of how you use the servers. • Data security and backup: In case of a fire, floods or malicious tampering of data, your data remains safe. Cloud servers allow you to retrieve any data you had lost on site. Share